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 Buyers Guide

Be careful to learn as much as you can about the process of construction, the quality of a builder's work and who exactly they are. There are many fine builders that can complete your project, however there are many mediocre builders and a few metal building brokers that are muddying the waters with ridiculous claims and misleading information. We recommend that any commercial building client understand the following:
Brokers vs. BuildersYou will see and hear advertisements from metal building brokers. These firms are not full service builders. Be careful to understand the differences when dealing with brokers. Here are a few of our experiences with well known and smaller brokers:
High Pressure SalesA few have been sited for the use high pressure sales tactics, pushing specials that really are not. DO not let anyone pressure you into a cookie cutter building that does not suit your needs. If on the other hand, you can be flexible, you may be able to save some money here.
Over SimplifyingA few brokers have been known to over simplify the process of metal building erection, even going so far as to say that you can "do it yourself". While this may be possible with a building the size of a two car garage, these buildings are not "Erector Sets". It is not as easy as it may look and there are safety issues.
Not Getting the Whole DealWhile buying from a broker can be less expensive, understand that the physical building (metal frame, exterior wall and roof paneling) is only a part of the process. A full building estimate must include at a minimum, piers, the slab and doors. Depending on the level of finish or purpose it will also include site preparation, exterior finish, plumbing, electrical, and interior build out. Be sure to get a thorough quote which addresses all of your needs.
Other construction firmsSome construction firms use only one metal building supplier. The supplier provides much of the design work and then provides the metal components. Basic economic principles hold that if you are dependent on one supplier, you are more subject to his pricing policies because that supplier has no incentive to keep prices under control. Builders with only one supplier tend to have higher costs for the same metal. Additionally, since they provide the design work, they add additional mark up. It is possible for the metal supplier to mark up his design work only to have the builder apply further mark up.
Too many subcontractorsSome builders use 100% subcontractors. In effect they don't personally build anything. We have chosen to stick with a core or loyal, well trained skilled workers that we can count on. Our employees form the slab, place the concrete, erect the frame, install siding and roofing and provide interior build out. We sub-contractor plumbing, electrical and Air/Heat to a very small group of trusted firms that have been associated with us for years.
Not Insured or UnderinsuredMany smaller builders play a touch and go game with insurance. Workman's compensation and general liability insurance is critical to the safety and professional management of any builder.
From Start to FinishGood builders can conduct your project in as a "turn-key" event. Few brokers can perform a turn-key project. We can take care of everything, from concept through to finish and handing you the keys to you new building.

Always Ask Your Builder These Questions

Do you have liability and Workman's Compensation Insurance?

Who do you buy your steel from?

Do your people do the work or do you subcontract.

Will you do all of the work or sub some out?

Can you handle my needs from scratch pad to finish?
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